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Just fishing

June 26, 2019
Jackson’s success at fishing.

June 26, 2019

Gunther seems like a gentleman these days because of Velma, our granddaughter’s big, boisterous black poodle puppy.  By comparison, I mean. 

I fear Gunther is gaining too much weight.  He’s over 20 pounds!  Sedentary life most days.  Oh, we go on the two- and three-mile walks, often up steep hills, but those take just an hour, or so.  He loves going on these adventures.  I used to worry about cliffs and snakes.  Now, he’s shown me that he can be cautious.  In fact I encourage him to explore.

Actually, yesterday he plunged into a channel of the Yellowstone River because he slipped on the long grass on the bank.  I howled with laughter when I heard him swimming.  Poor Gunther!  He didn’t seem to mind my laughter, just shook himself, spraying droplets.  He didn’t look all that wet.

Today my plan — I should say our plan — is fishing at Lake Josephine with Jackson.  For some reason P. and I are watching the lad this week, so we’ve come up with some activities.  Our grandchildren have caught fish there and Gunther is permitted to roam.  Situation perfect.  I’ll take pictures.  I’ll buy a fishing license, but I’m not planning on fishing personally.  We’ll buy some worms.  I don’t like removing any worms from our garden.  Those worms work for us, making dirt for vegetables.  Jackson has a small spinning rod in the garage.  I checked it out.  Works perfectly.  I got the line off the reel, through the guides, and tied it with a slipknot to a handy loop near the handle.  I grabbed my tackle box.  

Jackson ran upstairs for his fishing vest.

The plan worked satisfactorily.  Jackson brought home a bluegill, on the bathroom counter in a plastic container.  I gave the last of the fishing worms to a bass fisherman on the bridge at Lake Josephine.  Gunther is asleep on the couch.  Jackson is upstairs playing, talking to himself, singing.

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