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The best seat in the house

is where you are, to paraphrase media critic Marshall McLuhan.  Wisdom teaches us to honor our experience, our feelings.  The good news is our stories awaken echoes in others.  Hell, walking around the block to the alley to pick up a number of Camel cigarette packages is its own epic story, the journey to drop the dog’s business into a dumpster.


  1. Deborah Eddy permalink

    Hi. I am a niece of Wally Merza who was part of Company E, 262nd Regiment. Wally (who is doing well at 94) has been trying to call randy Bradham and gets a ‘number disconnected’ message. He does not have contact information for Randy’s daughters Margaret or Elizabeth. The last address Wally has is Folly Beach NC. Do you have any idea how to contact Randy or his daughters? I’m searching and don’t mean to intrude – but your blog is amazing. Thanks. deb

  2. I have a suggestion: Call or email the Charleston “Mercury.” The editor of the paper may know the whereabouts of Dr. Bradham.

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