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April 24, 2019
I’m growing a beard for the Welsh opera, Blodwen

April 24, 2019

Gunther and I like to explore our alley.  Well, I like to explore our alley.  I must guess Gunther’s likes, according to where he sniffs.  He generally prances a little way, then puts his face close to the ground and trots farther.  At first, I thought there was something wrong with him, but now I see his methods are his own.  I guess he’s looking for other dogs, or food.  I have a more charitable attitude toward him.

One of my neighbors put out a toilet by an alley dumpster.  I noticed it had a vinyl toilet seat cover.  I never did like those.  Can’t say why.  I wonder if someone, maybe in a pickup, will scavenge the toilet?  I shudder.  Perhaps it was too heavy for my neighbor to drop into the dumpster? Will a muscular city employee from the “solid waste division” hoist the toilet into a truck? 

When I walk Gunther each morning I like to pick up the most egregious trash—the stuff that pokes me in the eye—and drop it into dumpsters.  You know, bright paper scraps, plastic grocery bags, like that.  I think people are going to feel better when they visit the alley, only they won’t know why.  It’s because the bright paper scrap and grocery bag aren’t there.  Does that make sense? I’ll feel better, anyway. Also earth day was this week.

Gunther and I proceed.  I usually pick up every bit of garbage in the alley behind our house.  Today there wasn’t anything that didn’t belong.  I would have admired my fence, but I was busy scanning the alley ahead.  A neighbor on the other side down the way had cleared some of his hedge and had left the mass of branches in the alley.  Only now most of the brush was gone, just a lot of scattered individual branches.  I grabbed up a beer box and some newspapers.  Also a soda bottle.  Into a dumpster it went.

Before walking Gunther today I read an article Ed Kemmick posted about traveling by car 4,900 miles around the southern US.  His writing feels good to read.  He visited Denver, Memphis, another town where Muddy Waters came from, New Orleans, Austin.  Ed is passionate about American musical roots.  He used to post links to his blog on Facebook, but I don’t know if he still does.  I got my post via email. Interested readers can google “Travels with Xavi.”

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