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Heathered Moss-colored paint

July 26, 2018


July 26, 2018

Thunderstorm last night, so of course I worried about my painting project.  Don’t want the rain to rinse away the paint.  These days I’ve been redoing the garage a shade of green called “Heathered Moss.”  

Somewhere someone is sitting in front of a keyboard inventing names for paint colors.  I imagine they have two columns of words and select one of each.  Monkeyed Sable, maybe, or perhaps Broadside Newsprint.  You know, random words.  Carpeted Doorway.  Oatmeal Sandstone.  “Don’t label that blue paint Carpeted Doorway, call it Robin Sapling.”

The particular green I’ve been using is that of our house’s HardiePlank siding so I wanted to paint the the garage to match.  Our garage is probably about 90 years old and some years ago I peeled off its brittle siding that contained asbestos.  Had to wear a special rubber mask, load the siding into heavy plastic bags, and send it to a designated place in the city-county landfill.  You know, pay a fee.  Beneath the siding was some dirty, badly checked, and peeled painted boards.  Yesterday while painting I found a fragment of the old asbestos siding.

This Spring I scraped, sanded, and washed the wooden siding.  I even bought a pressure washer that did a pretty good job of taking off old flaky paint and chewed up the wood.  Now I’m putting two coats of expensive paint and worrying it will rain.

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