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“I’m not stupid. I’m voting for Tester.”

July 22, 2018




July 21, 2018

Door-knocking chronicle number two:  at least two professed Republicans who voted for Trump expressed remorse.  One of them repeated, “I’m a Republican, but I’m not stupid.  I’ll vote for Jon Tester.” [ Insert heart emoji.]  I recommend door knocking.  Sure, there are people who won’t open their door, instead shouting that they aren’t interested, but that is more than offset by folks like the garrulous gent, Joseph, who just wanted to shoot the breeze about politics in general and our Democracy in particular.  

We approached a house with a Marine Corps flag.  I knocked.  A woman who said she doesn’t do politics advised us that the people who lived there were strong Republicans and unlikely to vote for Jon Tester.  I asked her who was the Marine?  She said he wasn’t home, but he was a relative of hers. 

“I’m a Marine and I am voting for Tester,” I said.  “Tell him ‘Semper Fi’ for me!”  She warmed right up.  We ended up chatting with her for perhaps three or four more minutes as she told us how she was soon going to Denver to drive back to Great Falls with her blind grandson.

Like that.

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