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Go see School of Rock at NOVA

July 29, 2017

I recommend seeing the local production of School of Rock at NOVA theater downtown Billings.  According to Dan Nickerson, a guy who builds sets and runs the summer theater camp, it has 27 youth.  Of course this could account for the ticket sales, robust.  You know, lots of parents, uncles, grandparents, like that.

You’d never guess the talent is local.  A little boy plays electric guitar like a pro.  A girl handles a Fender bass like she was born with it.  A remarkable drummer blasts away with combinations ending in the crash of cymbals.  I don’t know where they got Ned, the show’s star, but he, in his words, “kicks ass.”  Jordyn Armstrong was cast perfectly as the private school principal, cool, poised, sharp tongued.  She can sing.


(The picture accompanying this post came from an internet search.  However, you get the idea.)  Only the kids in the NOVA production were really young to be able to sing so lustily, and together, and to dance so freely in perfect synch.  The amount of work they did rehearsing was obvious.  No wonder the director was giddy when she gave a brief curtain speech.  I don’t remember her name, but I’m thinking people will be looking it up after they see the show.

The set was minimal and dark with a balcony for a “pit of musicians” who also looked young.  They helped round out the sound for such hit tunes as “Stick it to the man!”

There are only two performances remaining.  Tonight and a matinee tomorrow.

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