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Dog and bookcase

July 26, 2017

July 26, 2017

Gunther usually follows me, but at a distance, first thing in the morning.  Either in front or behind, he always likes to stay 20-30 ft away.  Unless he encounters people with big dogs.  This morning three people walked two dogs across the street from our house.  A boxer and a labrador mix.  They were relatively young girls, so I hurried after G. who was growling and making the “play bow.”  I apologetically announced that G. likes big dogs, wants to play chase, then scooped him up.  The girls seemed relieved.

Moments later, after the girls had disappeared from my view, I put G. down on our driveway.  He promptly turned around and spied a person walking down the middle of the street.  G. barked at the hapless, apparently innocent stranger, so I scooped him a second time.  When I set G. back on the driveway he scurried to our back door.  I think he sees the futility in chasing people and dogs, I thought.

Becky wants me to make her a bookcase.  Seems easy enough, until I visit Lowe’s to check out possible materials.  No way to buy new wood for a bookcase for less than $150.  Of course, one ends up with a pretty nice piece of furniture.  However, I can get a flawless-looking one from Ikea, even larger than one I could make, for about $100.  But then it will have been made of particle board and will be heavy.

Decisions, decisions.  Before I decide, I’ll scope out the places that sell recycled furniture and building materials.

Then I’ll ask Becky to help me decide.

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