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Dana Graham, a few memories

December 12, 2016


Dana Graham was a Spur, first time I saw her, Fall of ’67.  She and her identically clad sisters of Spur-dom were snaking through Elrod Hall inviting everyone within earshot to sing with them on the steps of Main Hall.  I was profoundly lonely so I went as instructed and saw an old classmate, Eddie Hanson, and the guy I got my paper route from, Ron Lebsack.  They were dressed in matching gray sweaters with a Grizzly Bear logo, playing guitar, singing folk songs.  I felt more lonesome than ever.  Eddie graduated a year ahead of me because I was held back.  Ron threatened to beat the shit out of for being bad at delivering papers.  Singing on the steps sucked.

As the cosmos coalesced and I got acquainted with other would-be hippies and counter-culture types, Dana wound up in our group.  I remember we sneaked her into our men-only dorm by disguising her with a bandana over her head and her heavy pea-coat.  Lots of hippies wore Army-Navy Surplus pea-coats in those days.  They were different from the mass-produced coats you see now days.  They were not warm, nor were they made in Indonesia.  I’m just guessing about the Indonesia part.

Turns out Dana was a Libra, like several of my closest friends.

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