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Homer Limpy died

December 13, 2016

Homer Limpy N. Cheyenne

My friend Walter Blackwolf said Homer froze to death in a car near his brother’s house.  Homer had many brothers.  About 1995, I visited his mother, who lived between Busby and Lame Deer, Montana, on a little dirt road behind some wrecked cars, a blue bus, and a church.  His mother’s name was Agnes Limpy.  She lived to be quite old.   Her house was neat and clean.  I remember seeing a guitar leaning against a corner near the front door.

Homer Limpy was a military veteran, did not drink or use drugs, and was an expert with a sling shot.  He enjoyed walking around Lame Deer, but packs of dogs used to harass him, so he made himself a slingshot for self defense.

Homer made many slingshots and I bought them and gave them to family members as gifts.

The slingshots were great quality.  He used wood from chokecherry bushes, tied the rubbers with string.  The rubbers were always made from red inner tubes, so his slingshots  were unmistakable.  The pouch for the stone was always leather, rawhide, I think, and tied to the rubbers with string.  They withstood a great deal of use.

He made them in many sizes from one inch high to about five or six inches.  You could pull the stone back a couple feet and it would come zipping out with a great deal of force, enough to repel a wild dog.  I never could get the knack of hitting things I aimed at.

Homer was always kind to me.  He spoke softly and we always talked about slingshots.

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