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Gunther: Companion Animal

September 20, 2016

I don’t mind taking care of Dan Struckman.


I’m still little old lovable me.


How do I look from the back?

Yesterday, after a day of busting licks at Omnicare, filling scores of little cards with pills, we had an enjoyable evening singing with Steven Hart and the Billings Symphony Chorale.  It’s good to be back with the group again.  I had little opportunity to spend with Gunther.

I was tired, like a dog, then this morning at 6:30 I had my psychiatrist appointment.  The doctor made an adjustment to my antipsychotic medication and, best of all, promised to write me a letter authorizing me to deputize Gunther as my companion dog.

A friend had already given me a vest.  I put Gunther in it and lo!  He behaves better when in uniform.  I took a few photographs.  Well, he still wants to horse around when I take off his vest, but look.  He never sat still for the camera before.

Gunther is good for me.  Next issue of this blog I promise to explore the subject of crematoriums, specifically, one that was converted to a Chinese grill.  Today the building, with its tell-tale smokestack, sits idle.


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