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A stroll downtown

September 18, 2016



Our house near downtown.

Yest. P. and I walked downtown oh, maybe six blocks or a little farther, to watch a movie at Arthouse Cinema, “Captain Fantastic.”  We like Arthouse because the films are eclectic and selected by one with taste for the interesting.  But especially because you can drink beer, wine, and/or the usual fare of movies.  I had hoped we’d get there so I could drink two beers before the show, but no.

In the case of “Captain,” the film was a Swiss-Family-Robinson-kind of fantasy about a potless hippie living with his large brood in a perpetual kind of July weather in the Pacific Northwest rainforest, only without any rain.  The bill said the film was sweet, and it was.  Of course, they had an epic adventure in their encounters with straight people.

What did I mean by “potless hippie” above?  Well, without pot, the hippie guy and his kids lived the spartan savage life of survivalists who combined a love for Bach’s Goldberg Variations, with novels like Lolita.  Hard physical exercise with and without hand weapons with a love for Noam Chomsky.  I liked a scene when the dad told one of the kids about sexual intercourse.  I kept thinking something was missing.  Well, the weather was always fair in the rainforest.

It was good to walk downtown.  After the movie we stopped at the “Stacked Grill” for stuffed mushrooms and tacos, then home to walk Gunther.  I’d have to give “Stacked” a “just okay” rating.  I ordered a glass of their least expensive zin which proved to be an okay choice.  The four mushrooms at $2 each were tasty.  I could have eaten a couple of dozen.  The tacos were okay, but nothing special.  I left feeling reasonably satisfied, but the check was $41.


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