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Huckleberry heaven

August 17, 2016

Gunther was exemplary.

Probably bad luck to get a bunch of containers to carry home the huckleberries.  You see, last year some distance out of Red Lodge up the Rock Creek valley, we gathered enough huckle B. for a pie.  Took us an hour or two, but the berries were all within 20-25 feet dia. circle.

Yesterday I aimed for the same spot.  We drove the road until intimidation caused us to stop.  Then we walked about 3/4 mile and checked an area off to the right where no berries were.  Sure enough, none again, so I knew we were in the right place.  Then past the easy access to Rock Creek, up the road a few hundred feet more, past a sort of clearing, and I found the exact place we found the berries last year.

We found plenty of plants, a few withered, dried berries, but no bumper crop.  We guessed it had been too hot and dry this year.  We looked and looked.  We checked the other side of the road and found more plants, few berries.

Therefore we went back to Red Lodge and got milkshakes and pizza.  Throughout the entire adventure, Gunther was exemplary.

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