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The Church of the Fervently Religious

August 14, 2016

Church of F.V.

I’m trying to let my book project rest at least a few days before I tackle it again.

So new topic:  today at the Church of the Fervently Religious we had a table tennis, cribbage, and scrabble tournament.  Also we served pizza and salad.  And lemonade and water.

Several oh, maybe four people, from the local prison pre-release center played with us and they were fun to have.  Additionally, an itinerant person came, and he was fun too, but he wasn’t quite as much fun as those from the P.P.R.C.

Anyway, I learned that you can play an awfully lot of table tennis in the time it takes two people to play scrabble.  Also, two skillful table tennis players can keep the ball batting back and forth for a long time, thus causing the other players to have to sit and wait their turn, even if you are playing to eleven instead of 21.  Even if you have two tables.

In the end the tournament aspect of the games sort of petered out.  People were playing just for fun.  One man waited maybe, like 20 minutes to play.

Next time we can have a lot more games set up, and three table tennis tables.

We could even have it in conjunction with Family Promise, although that group tends to have very young children who wouldn’t be candidates for our games.  Therefore we would have to offer games like Chutes and Ladders for them, as well as adults to act as helpers for the children.

Family Promise, in case you didn’t know, is a city-wide network of a dozen or so churches that host four homeless families for a week at a time.

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