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Telephone Solicitor Learns About Bird Bibs

December 3, 2015



Today I was phone solicitor for one of our community theaters.  Only had 10 people, or so, to call.  My share of the list.  I’m not good at it, but I had a script to follow.  And courage.

By today I had called each of prospect at least once, and one, a dude named Tom, promised to donate money.   Then yesterday the woman who directed when I sang in the chorus of “Oklahoma!” about 25 years ago also promised to send some.  I mean, my call went to voice mail and I had hung up, and she phoned me back.  We talked several minutes.

Then this morning an angry woman told me to take her name off the list.  Wow, that hurt.  I sat stunned, nursing my sore ego.  Talked to myself.

Hurt, I walked the two blocks to the YMCA to work out.

Then, while returning home, I encountered one of my neighbors, the one who put a rubber bib on his cat.  Turns out he has lots of cats, many with bibs.

I could hardly contain myself.  Just a couple days ago I had planned to Google cat bibs to learn what they were supposed to do.

He said he put the “bird bib” on his cats to slow them down, to reduce bird predation.

This neighbor who, for the past 30 years had been reserved, became more animated and talkative.  Here’s the problem:  Cats caught birds, injured same, then put wounded birds in house that caused untoward scene.  Bothered his wife.  Neighbor then had unpleasant chore of killing the injured birds.

The bibs come in two sizes, he said.

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