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Surprised me today….

December 3, 2015

One thing follows another.

December 2, 2015

Surprised me today:  I woke about 9, then took a bath and read part of Russell Rowland’s novel, “The Watershed Years.”  My reaction:  Wow, he is good at telling about the lives of those who ranched in Southeastern Montana before World War II.  It was almost flawless.  Almost without cliche.  Dialog was true to life.  Content had plenty of surprises.  Situations realistic.  Hero, well, heroic.  I will keep reading.  Russell’s novel is damned good.

I decided that I will never write anything to equal Russell Rowland’s work.  However, I may hire me an editor!  My stuff will be different.

P. surprised me at noon when she came home from work to find me back in bed, attempting to fall asleep.  I was wet, hot, having just gotten out of the tub, having just been reading Russell Rowland’s book.

She came into the bedroom, said, “What the Hell?”  Then she walked out. That’s why I love her so much!

I got up, got dressed in yesterday’s clothing.  She offered, and I ate, half her turkey and halvarta sandwich.  Or was it ham?  Certainly was dry.  Came from Luckies.  I drank coffee with it.  Or milk.  Or nothing.  I don’t remember.

By then I felt strong, so we took the BMW back to Jerry at Metric Wrench.  Couple of problems.  P. met me there with the other car.  I got in with her.

Then P. drove me to NOVA theater.  I gave Dodie a $200 donation and an invoice for a wool carpet I bought in Istanbul.  She gave me a photograph that my daughter-in-law bought from NOVA last Fall at auction.  I took the framed photograph to Kinko’s and had them package and mail it.  The surprise there was how cheap it was to send it.  I emphasized to the young man that I didn’t want it to arrive in Duluth broken.

P. and I felt well, so we drove to the post office to apply for renewals on our passports.  We were required to each make out a check for the amount of the renewal fee.  We didn’t have any checks, so we took home the papers to fill out.  We filled them out and put them away to submit later.

We still felt fine, so we went home and ate left over spaghetti.  Then we both went to the YMCA to work out.  I am less fit, so I worked out for 30 minutes.  Well, okay.  Twenty-five minutes.  I went home.  Bathed.  P. showed up at home soon after because she worked out for a longer time.

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