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When do you use the word “whom?”

November 2, 2015

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November 1, 2015

Words are the pie crust of story. They must be spare, delicious, and flaky. Almost not there, yet it holds the fruit in its arms. Thanks to the writers in Russell Rowland’s writers workshop. We meet tomorrow.
I am chronically depressed, so I am anxious. About things in general, and about particulars. My anxiety gives me more opportunities for courage than most. I have halitosis. My brother used to tell me how ugly I was until I believed him. My teeth and ears are damned large.
That is the good news. Now, the bad news. I am in trouble. I feel love. I am not at liberty to say with whom. Please let me digress here. I have to express something grammatical.
Today I learned about the use of the word “whom.” It follows a preposition. A fellow choir singer said that a preposition is any word that can describe a cat in relation to a fence. My fellow choir member’s name is Tahani. She is a beautiful soprano. Now I know when to use the word “whom.” It follows a preposition.
Please let me digress a second time. Let’s see. Love. Trouble. Liberty. Digress. Cat. Fence. Soprano.
Pie crust. The trouble is one must mix it, just enough. Then roll it out thin. Once. Just one strike. Then you are out! OUT!
I love my writers workshop. Each of us has a compelling tale to tell. One in particular, named Rhonda, thoughtfully edited my offering and improved it. I think I am in love. I am thinking of paying her to edit more of my work so that it may see print at last.
My breath stinks. No. Really. I am tired of people telling me that self-deprecation is boring. No. It is true. We are getting old, actually getting more the same as we ever were. I think as we grow wiser, older, we become gentler and kinder and more patient with other people. However, our bodies betray us. Our bodies smell, leak, sag, flop, fart, droop and ache. But hey! We are still alive!
How depressing. I am anxious about being able to tell my story. I am in trouble. Will I be forgiven? What if I feel love? What if I never confess? What if I do confess? Will people hate me for it? Anxiety gives me more opportunities for courage than most.
Now. Do you know when to use the word “whom?”

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