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A fable about an old woman….

September 4, 2015

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Once upon a time an old lady decided to kill all of the moths in her house. To do so, she employed her vacuum cleaner, chasing down and sucking up all of the offending insects. She soon learned that there were more moths, always more, and more and more. Her electric machine started to fill with the fluttering millers. The dust from their frantically beating wings clogged the filter of her vacuum.
Soon she gave up that tactic. She got into her car and went to the local hardware. There she found some flypaper strips to hang near her lightbulbs. She tacked them to a wooden partition above the table lamps.
The next morning the sticky strips were festooned with dead and dying moths. She had not been troubled with fluttering all night.
Moral: Sometimes a technically fancy electric appliance is inferior to simple glue. Nerds do not always prevail.

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