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Another Fable. About a rabbit!

September 4, 2015
An actual photograph of our front yard, frequented by rabbits.

An actual photograph of our front yard, frequented by rabbits.

September 4, 2015

A Billings wild rabbit lived under the neighbor’s porch, subsisting on grass and the tender shoots of flowers and vegetables to be found in the neighbors’ yards nearby.
One day, the rabbit felt menaced by a dachshund, named “Annabelle,” who lived in the gray stucco house.
“Spare me,” begged the rabbit, “and I won’t tell on you for pooping in the Struckmans’ front yard.”
Unfortunately, Annabelle was old and deaf and attacked the rabbit anyway.
Fortunately, Annabelle was also toothless.
Unfortunately, Annabelle then pooped in the Struckmans’ yard.
Also unfortunately, Annabelle’s owner was ill and also neglected to pick up the poop.
Unfortunately, the rabbit couldn’t pick up the poop either, being a—well—a rabbit.
Fortunately, Dan Struckman picked up the poop with a plastic bag. Two, actually, because they were grocery store bags.
Unfortunately, Dan didn’t like doing it.
Fortunately, Dan learned from his grandchild that squishing the poop in the plastic bag is a real kick, and makes the job fun.

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