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November 16, 2022

Weather is forecast to plunge from about 60 degrees to 26 tonight, so I’m practicing staying busy indoors.  Whoa!  Those who know me might tell how often I nap, but the secret is out.  Weather is going to change.  Our Hymer has been put to bed, dressed up from ground to roof a/c in a cloak of gore tex fabric.

A Hymer, my friends, is a 2016 Dodge Promaster van that was converted into an RV, albeit small.  

The odometer has gone from about 4,000 to nearly 60,000 the past four years.  We bought it prior to the COVID pandemic, but we had the excellent fortune to pick it up in Anchorage.  

Picture P., me, and Gunther landing in Anchorage in late August to be met by Ted Palmer, who handled all the paperwork and took our money in exchange for a two-week adventure.  We drove south and east through Canada to Lake Superior that time, alternating driving duty with reading about Louis Riel, great leader of Metis tribesmen.  We gobbled up the kilometers of highway while reading Joseph Kinsey Howard’s huge book, “Strange Empire.” 

In Winnipeg, we drove about the city in search of Saint Boniface Cathedral and Louis Riel’s grave.  A wee medicine bundle, tied with yarn or ribbon, lay on the ground near the marker.  This is a sign of reverence and respect for an indigenous martyr whom the Canadian government killed by hanging in 1885, age 40.

How is everyone? you may ask.  Gunther is advancing in years, and shows it.  His voracious appetite!  I estimate his weight at forty pounds.  A year ago he weighed two stone (28 lb).  We’ve been too involved in his diet, frying him eggs, making dog food from table scraps, giving him treats for being a “good dog.”  Excuse me while I hold him while standing on the bathroom scale:  245 lb vs 215 without the dog.  Okay. He gained only two, so excuse me.

I feel better, knowing Gunther’s weight.  His rabies shot is due this month; I’ll call Dr. Root for an appointment.  Otherwise, I don’t think the G-Man has any medical complaints.  Sometimes he looks bored, but I consider that a social prob.

P.  is in fine fettle. Her birthday is the 23rd of the month.  She seems tireless compared to me.

She and I start the day with Wordle, competing via text with our children and spouses and grandchildren.  Then we dig into crossword puzzles and Spelling Bee from the Times.

Having drunk the requisite three cups of coffee, we dig into a bowl of cereal, most days, Grape Nuts brand.  The old ways are best.

Today I brushed Gunther for about a half hour.  He digs it!  He looks good, even if he never quite loses that doggy smell that we enjoy.

Just got a call from Niece Becky.  It’s her birthday tomorrow.  We’re going to host a bunch of Meakins’ nieces and nephewlings tomorrow for supper of homemade noodles and chicken.  I’ll be responsible for two pies.  She will furnish beverages and potatoes.

  1. Blaine Ackley permalink

    OK, what I want to know is how you can nap after 3 cups of coffee?

    Happy Birthday to Becky and P.

  2. rpjgmj12510 permalink

    love these stories !!

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