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A couple days

April 13, 2022
My new coiffure and beard trim.

April 12, 2022

About a foot of snow fell today, so I ran the snow thrower around the block about five times.  I cleared the sidewalk three times shortly after nine a.m.  Problem was I couldn’t always locate the sidewalk under the snow.  Sometimes I ran the two-foot wide thrower down mid-walkway.  Even then I ran up on the lawns a few times.

I always feel a sense of accomplishment.  I ran the snow thrower.  I am good.  There.  Nobody asked me to do it, but I did it anyway.  

I’m in a dither about our camper van and its coolant leak.  God damn it to hell.  I’ll take it to a mechanic first thing tomorrow.  This is an old problem that has cost thousands in tow truck and mechanics fees.  It all stems from the second under hood generator, the one that energizes the coach battery system.  The second generator requires a second fan belt that runs where the lower radiator hose runs; thus slicing into the hose and causing the lower hose to leak coolant.  At this time the leak is relatively minor, but has been getting worse.  I thought my nephew and I solved the problem six months ago with some heavy zip ties to secure the radiator hose.

I started the van engine and allowed it to run a few minutes.  I checked the coolant level in the reservoir; below the lower level of acceptable.  No matter, I’ll take it to Brown’s automotive to Chuck tomorrow morning first thing.  Then I’ll get my eyes checked.  At three I’ll see Matt Buettne at Gucionne for a coiffure.  Gotta cover all the bases.

All this trivial stuff while the great turd Putin attacks Ukraine, killing children and pregnant women.  Always something evil to keep an eye on.  

Next day: not much new snow.  Chuck at Brown’s said they had trouble finding the coolant leak.  I urged him to keep trying, to remove a protective plastic device for a better look.  Got my eyes checked.  New glasses will cost more than $700.  That’s after I protested the high cost of $800+.  Matt Buettne made me look fresh and new.  Got to Queen Bee in the Times’ Spelling Bee. Again.  (Dopamine burst.)

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