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Long beard’s diary

August 11, 2021
Geeky haircut.

August 10, 2021

Today was odd.  I had some kind of military dream that I was enduring basic training in the Marines again.  It was “ho hum” the second time. Just couldn’t get shook by the crazy drill instructors.

I’m going to write for thirty minutes.  Believe me when I tell you!  I’ll never tell you no lie.  No, no no.

That was Samuel Clemens’ declaration at the beginning of Huckleberry Finn.  I would hold with his disclaimer.  Mostly.

I cannot afford to be sanguine.  Much injustice prevails, albeit temporarily.  Necessarily temporarily, in my opinion.  I believe that ultimately justice, truth, and reality are so powerful and indestructible that they will prevail.  They are everywhere and lies and deceptions are only momentary.  Friendship mind is the law of the land!

How can this be so? 

I stumbled out of our bedroom to greet P. and Taylyn, our 10-year-old friend.  P. was planning to visit her sister Dolly this morning, then to lead us in a walk around Lake Elmo, in the Billings Heights.

(I check my blood pressure.  123/71.)

Don Quixote, translated by Ormsby, sits at my right elbow.  Two copies of the book, actually, because I ordered a second copy when the first one was disintegrating in my hands.  Next, I need the newest, the Grossman, translation.  A kind of ultimate, I believe.

August 11, 2021

Went to a list of places:  NOVA to work on the main stage; Rocket Burrito to return a growler that once held cream soda; B&B Tire to purchase four new ones for our car;  Sportsclips where the marvelous Mai wasn’t there, so I got a geeky haircut.  The library to return a book.  P. got her eyes examined for cataract surgery; Taco Bell to feed our inner selves.

I am a geek.

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  1. Love you Dan !!

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