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March 9, 2021
Lighting farts in the sixth grade.

March 9, 2021

This year is already better than last year.  Vaccination for Covid-19 is underway.  Joe Biden is President and has a Democratically controlled Congress.  The good and bad alike in this country will benefit from great leadership. Marijuana was legalized in Montana.  Gunther is a fine dog.  P. is doing well.  Our kids are decent people.  Every grandchild is decent.  All of them can beat me at cards.

What a headache 2020 was.  Could it get worse? The invasion of the Capitol Jan. 6 made me physically ill.  But now the wheels of justice are turning and the perpetrators of the insurrection will face the consequences.  At least I hope they do.  Nonetheless, I feel shell shock.  Post traumatic shock.

Seems too soon to declare victory.  Our new Montana governor seems a bit nutty.  I think he means well, and so forth.  He likes rich people, anyhow, a minority in Montana.  City government seems good.

Does Gianforte really think Indians rode the backs of dinosaurs?  Did he know much about the museum in Glendive before he donated for it?  Or is he really stupid?

Our weather has been unseasonably mild, warm, pleasant.  We walked four miles with Gunther trotting.  He’s sleeping now.  Well, he was.  Now he’s on the back of my chair, half-sitting on my neck.  So warm!

My creative self is less confident.  That’s the hazard in the writing business.  That’s the business of writing.  It is writing.

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