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Michael L. Fiedler

November 22, 2020

prelude to an obituary….

Michael Fiedler, 1975, Huntington Beach, California

Michael Lynn Fiedler is dead from a heart attack day before yesterday.  As far as I’m concerned, the universe, God, everything in it, is but a damn shade of what it used to be.  I feel sad. 

In my younger years, I lived a few yards from Michael’s at Fort Missoula (right after I was born.)  Michael loved me and I loved him.

His life was messy, scary even.  But then again, if you looked very closely, his life transmogrified into one that was well-ordered, crystalline.  I like both views. 

He showed up in my plain Montana life in his own way, at his own time.  We shouted, we argued.  I trembled because he seemed to be a wild man!  I swear he wasn’t a wild man. 

In fact, he told me he was writing a book about his experiences with Alan Ginsberg, Philip Roth, other intellectual heavyweights of the 60s-80s.  We can digress later.  Michael’s father, Leslie Fiedler, was the real heavyweight.  We can digress again.  Forgive me while I cry in an ugly way.

At the last, most recently, Michael was living with good friends who looked out for his interests.  I met them a few years ago and I was satisfied that Michael was safe.  We sat in back of his house in Missoula and drank wine.  Michael was fond of the grape.  Me too!  I have pictures.

Let’s go back to the beginning. You can skip ahead if you like.

I met Michael in 1952.  No.  I likely met Michael in 1949, the year I was born, but I don’t recall the meeting.  Michael and probably some of his family members went to Kalispell, Montana, to my grandparent’s house in — 1952?  Certainly not 1953, because my father died that year of cancer.  I remember the time, so I must have been at least two years old?  That would be 1952, in the Fall.

Michael was a chubby kid who liked pickles.  He and I ran around everything there was to run around at my grandparent’s five-acre orchard.

I’ll pursue Michael’s story later.

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  1. Blaine Ackley permalink

    Two young Mavericks lookin’ for adventure and whatever may come their way

  2. Thanks for sharing these memories and pictures. Michael was a family friend and I will be missing him while he is out on the astral plane. My favorite memories of him were his visiting us in Butte during the folk festival. We would all be drinking and loving music. I remember waking up one morning/afternoon and Michael was out in the back yard reading Nietzsche.

  3. Joseph Matthew Mangiamele permalink

    This is very sad to hear of Mike’s passing. I met mike 14 years ago. We worked together for a while and became friends. I moved away from Missoula,got married,started running a business,and just got wrapped up in life. There were phone calls,and the last time I was in the Missoula for the day I stopped by to see Mike. Don’t get to busy with the day to day of life. Make that phone call,send that letter,make plans to get away for a visit. RIP Mike,you were a good guy and a kind soul.

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