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Conquest of Patagonian Island

June 20, 2020
Bertrand Sciboz at the helm of the Ceres

June 19, 2020

From my French friend, the explorer and adventurer Bertrand Sciboz:

Jean Raspail, a high-stolen traveler writer, has just left us. He was fascinated by the history of Patagonia and that of his ephemeral king of which he made the hero of all lost causes, fascinated by their elegance in adversity, admired by their dignity in the final fall.

For those who don’t know, the Patagons have saved St Marcouf.

In 2008, after the refusal to start the work served in six years by 3 consecutive prefects, we decided to throw in the sponge; at the time I did not know the Patagons: Jean Francois Tardiveau and Edmond Thin who have suggested the idea of saying our goodbyes to the island by a patagone ceremony, which would sign the end of the dream, regret not being able to succeed, David’s nose foot against the Administrative Goliath. The operation was reported in Edmond Thin’s book: it was about attacking the island and planting the flag of Patagonia. 

Two wings were needed to achieve this: the North Wing, part of St Vaast, led by Bertrand Sciboz on his powerful professional catamaran of wreck repêcheur, with on board JF Tardiveau, and E Thin and several attack commandos, pockets full of boutreilles de Chablis and the South Wing, on my little semi-rigid, gone from Grandcamp Maisy, charged with my niece Hortense and her two children, another nephew television manager and his equipment, and the dog Upso, still in for the big bullshit. 

The junction was perfect, the lightning attack and the flag flew to the sound of “the Marculfienne” anthem invented on this occasion and has since been ringing on the hunt for the big events. It is also with the same anthem and instrument that I used a few days later, Avenue de Wagram, at the foot of Jean Raspail’s building, putting all the people to the windows in a certain stir. 

I came to pay my respects to the Consul General of Patagonia, to tell him that we had taken possession of St Marcouf Island and pledge allegiance to the King of Patagonia since State french refused to take charge of it. 

We then appointed the main actors of the operation to the responsibilities related to their royal functions, but by saying that it was done under the “secret defense”, since we had acted in full illegitimacy (the flag will be shot down a few days more late by the Conservatoire de Littoral). Jean Raspail taught me that he had been informed of the success of the operation by the Chief of Staff at the Eysées, from the Channel and himself subject to patagon.

Edmond Thin had written a press release with a very nice aerial photo of the island, and the next day, in all the houses of the press of the Cotentin, were in the title and cover cover: ” Two Royal Patagon commandos attack St Marcouf “

And for this reason, the Committee on the sites, finding the exceptional architectural quality of the site and its fragility, asked the prefect to review his position.

Thanks to Jean Raspail, respect to the writer, honor to the traveler.

Used by permission.

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