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What’s the favorite part of your body?

February 24, 2020
Choir from First Congregational Church in Billings, couple years ago.

February 23, 2020

Had a good day.  Started out with Gunther, walking just a short distance from home before he eliminated his waste product, which I dutifully collected in a plasticized bag, then tied in a knot.  Gunther did not respond to my repeated calling to “go in,” so I went in our back door without him.  I was rebuked by my beautiful and talented spouse for leaving him outdoors to menace our neighbors, so I stepped back onto the back porch and murmured, “treat.”  Low tone, barely audible.  Soon I heard his collar ornaments jingling and his toenails clicking on the driveway.  He can hear what he wants.  I always supply the promised treat, even if it is a pea-size peanut butter goodie. He goes bananas.

Went to church where our new musician, William De Manilow, played some wicked piano and sang.  After church, a cadre of volunteers swarmed the Sunday school rooms to fix them with beds into sleeping rooms.  Three Family Promise families who are temporarily homeless will live in our church this week.  Many of us feel glad to help folks get their lives back.  Wages are so meager these days.  It’s hard to get started with an apartment.

Our minister, Pastor Mike, had a few moments with the children of the church during the service.  He asked the kids to name their favorite part of the body.  One boy volunteered that his favorite part was his bones.  He writhed around, pretending he didn’t have any.  Another, after some moments of hesitation, said his brain.  I thought that was a good choice, although I thought a better answer would have been “my penis.”  Well, he asked for someone to name their favorite part. I can only speak for myself.

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