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Yingle Yingle!

December 20, 2019
The famous Gunther sits on my neck.

December 20, 2019

This morning P. and I went to the “church of the fervently religious” and set up twenty beds (cots and air mattresses) for the Family Promise guests and hosts that will move in Sunday.  Family Promise is a city-wide alliance of churches that take turns hosting up to four homeless families for a week at a time. 

Our church hosts about four times a year.  The families will spend Christmas at our church this year.  Each will get a tree to decorate, although two of the families have five members, and the church’s Sunday school rooms are smallish, so the trees will barely fit amongst their five beds.

Afterward we wolfed a Rocket Burrito/dish of clam chowder.  

Then we went to the State Liquor store for a bottle of port.  Then to Lucky’s for a bunch of red and white wine, jalapeño peppers, beer, apples, and bananas.  Then to Big Al’s for stuff for making chili, eggs, and ice cream (two flavors), cereal, milk, egg nog, lemonade, sausage, tomato juice, V-8 juice, bleach, dog treats, and pie crusts.  Pillsbury employs union workers, so I buy their brand.  Also a can of packed pumpkin and 5# sugar. And heavy cream. And potatoes.  Lots of potatoes.

I am still not allowed to drink alcohol or anything with caffeine. Or sing.  I plan to sit with the children at supper and have lemonade.

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