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I’m mad at the Gazette

November 23, 2019
Mad dude. With dog.

I’m mad at the owner(s) of the Billings Gazette:

  • For the most expensive paper I’ve ever seen, with what used to be the largest circulation in the region, it’s now got hardly any pages and fewer news articles.  In fact the Gazette has been shriveling for years but the goddamn subscription price keeps going up.  The latest cuts are outrageous, in view of our growing city.
  • The goddamn Gazette subscription schedule is a bewildering system of silver, gold, and platinum (the last listed includes home delivery and unfettered on-line offerings that start at $64/month).  This exorbitant price is for a skinny paper that keeps shrinking its already-shrunken editorial staff.  
  • Someone from the goddamn Gazette circulation department goes around our neighborhood throwing samples in front of houses up and down our public sidewalk.  I walk my dog around the block every day and every few weeks I’ve kicked three or four of the goddamn Gazettes out of the walkway.  We hates them!  Stop it!
  • The goddamn Gazette keeps reducing its number of editors and reporters including two more laid off this time.  Hire them back!  Hire additional reporters!  Say you’re sorry!
  • The owner(s) of the goddamn Gazette act like a tyrant with no competitor, no sense of mission to publish news.
  • Remember?  Reporters and editors are the important “fourth estate,” our eyes and ears, independent professionals to keep us informed.  Television and radio stations don’t report the activities of the cops and courts like the newspaper does.  We need the newspaper!
  • The goddamn Gazette  is derelict in its duty, despite the valiant efforts of fewer and fewer reporters and editors. 

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