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Here’s a rebellious guy

August 19, 2019
The old fart himself.

August 18, 2019

Tonight I got reprimanded by our illustrious director of opera for goofing off at a rehearsal.  

Indeed, I was goofing off, but trying not to move my lips while singing, so as to “throw my voice.”  I don’t know how he could tell it was me!  I swear I was looking innocent.  Later, I asked him how he knew, but he didn’t answer me.

You’d think someone (like me) who is 70 years old could behave better in a group of mostly younger people.  

On the other hand, you’d think someone who is only about 60 years old (like him) would have more respect for his elders than to call them out in front of the cast.  

As my father wrote in the 1940s, “Ah me!”  His chastisement would have had more effect if he had spoken to me privately  —as I think he should have.  But anyway. . . 

I have to admit I’m getting tired of kindergarten shit.  I probably shouldn’t volunteer to be in any more productions.  I think my correct role is to clean the theater, much like my esteemed colleague, Gary Treglown, retired Methodist minister extraordinaire, and someone I’d like to emulate.

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