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No Fish Hook!

July 6, 2019
Gunther: charismatic, intelligent, talented.

July 1, 2019

As Jackson would say, “Oh snap!”  

Do I list my worries in order of severity?  Most to least?  

One of our grandchildren is in the hospital, having been readmitted post knee surgery, with a fever and elevated white cell count.  They have ruled out several possible causes except contaminated surgical wound and perhaps a few others.  P. and I are contemplating driving across the country today to offer support and assistance.  Our car runs fine.  Our grandchild’s mother seems nearly exhausted.

Yesterday during a successful fishing trip to Greenough Lake near Red Lodge, Montana, Gunther gobbled up a ball of cheese that had a tiny treble fishhook.  I immediately pried open his mouth but found no cheese or hook.  Looked like a bit of blood on his tongue.  There was some fishing line, but it was attached to a different pole.  The line that once had the tiny hook, was crinkly as though the hook had been pulled off.  I consulted Dr. Root just now who advised me to feed Gunther a can of wet dog food, see if he passes the hook by tomorrow, then take him for x-ray if no hook comes forth.  

Fortunately, Gunther’s appetite and zest for life seem unchanged from before the hook incident.

My nephew Jon’s water heater in the crawl space beneath his house leaked, creating a lot of mud.  Today we may help haul the mud out, bucket by bucket.  Mud is good for the complexion, especially the knees and legs.  

When I phoned for Dr. Kate Kilzer, veterinarian supreme, to ask advice about Gunther’s fishhook ingestion, I learned she is moving to a midwestern city to pursue her dream job with the government!  Worse luck for me!  

July 6, 2019  Re: Oh Snap!

Grandchild is home from the hospital, on an appropriate antibiotic.  The child apparently does not have a contaminated surgical wound.  Whew!

An x-ray revealed Gunther did not swallow a fish hook.  Yahoo!

Jon’s new water heater is installed and making hot water in his crawl space!

But. . . Dr. Kilzer is moving!  Oh snap!  However, I wish her all of the best in her new job!

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  1. Doug Mood permalink

    Dan; I think you are the brother of my best friend from a long time ago. Tom Struckman and I became friends in high school (around our junior year) and remained close friends into our 30,s.

    I recently found a letter that Tom sent me when he and you and your mother moved to Dillon. The letter is dated 1962. He mentions you as having started a small business buying and selling coins. I have many fond memories of the times Tom and I spent together and finding the letter triggered many, many of them.

    I write thinking that you might be interested in having a copy of the latter, If so i’d be glad to make a copy of it (2 pages) and send it to you.

    Doug Mood

  2. Doug Mood permalink

    Dan, The letter is written on 13 1/2 inch paper. I’ve made a copy of the letter and then did some cut and tape so the copy is very much like the original. But that means that it would probably work best to put the copies in an envelope and send it on to you that way. I’ll therefore need your address. If ou could answer to the email address I’ll be certain to see it as soon as it comes in.

    Doug Mood

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