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Door-knocking for Democrats

July 29, 2018

Photo on 6-13-17 at 9.46 AM

July 29, 2018

Door-knock chronicle number three:  a roller-coaster of emotion. 

When I introduced P. and me as canvassing for the Montana Democratic Party, one woman said she wouldn’t say whether she was voting for Jon Tester, because it was nobody’s business.  I dutifully ticked the box, “refused.”

We ended up visiting 45 houses from the voter registration list, public information.

At another house we met the former Superintendent of School District Two who engaged with us for a good 15-20 minutes.  He said he had run in the primary for the state legislature against a young woman who “kicked my ass!”  He lives up on the rims where a large Jon Tester sign will be easy to see.

Across the street from the aforementioned educator was a man who said he had been in one of Tester’s political advertisements.  “Cost me my job,” he said.  He had been president of a small bank.  What does he do now?  He is retired, he said, and he now plays all the time.

Mostly people were kind to us, even if they said they were Republicans.  Several said they would vote for Tester even though they normally voted Republican.  In one case the man said he knew Tester personally.

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