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Do you believe in crystals?

September 25, 2017

Photo on 9-6-17 at 4.29 PM #3

September 25, 2017

I observed the Fall Equinox by … observing that it was happening.  Don’t call me a New Age kind of guy.  I mistrust anyone who owns a crystal; especially one who sells crystals.  I’ve crawled in many caves in our vicinity and seen the result of those who mined out the crystals by smashing the limestone in caverns.  To my mind, crystals are the result of cave vandalism.  I’ve wanted to speak out against crystals and cave mutilation for about 25 years, but until now, I haven’t had a platform.  Now I have a blog.  I recommend you start a blog if you haven’t already.  Share it on Facebook so I can follow it.

Now I forget what I was going to say.  My cousin is coming to Billings with his wife to visit us for about a week.  I’m so excited!  This afternoon I will bake two magnificent pies.  Of course, that means I must forgo other activities.  Like singing with the Billings Symphony Chorale.  I am addicted to singing with the chorale because of the magnificent conducting by Dr. S. Hart.  His first name is Steven or Stephen, I don’t remember which.  He chooses fabulous pieces to sing and he gets us to sing them magnificently.  He uses tricks on those of us who need tricks to sing well.  He urges the others to disregard the tricks and sing well without.

I could critique wine here.  I am definitely a oenophile, or “wino.”  Over the years I’ve fallen into and out of love with many.  These days I favor reds from France and whites from Argentina.  A couple years ago I had the same favorites, although in the intervening years I’ve explored Australia, Spain, and Italy for reds, and California and Oregon for whites.  I don’t recommend wine for everyone, especially you lucky persons who can legally smoke pot.  I think pot is far superior to alcohol, and for some neither is far superior to getting high at all.  Currently pot is legal only as medicine in Montana.  If one were to smoke it in Montana, one would still feel like an outlaw because it is illegal under federal law, even as medicine.

I’m waiting for pot to become legal in Montana.

Best wine I’ve ever had (or drunk) was Chateau Neuf du Pape Telegraphie.  Irresistible for me, and out of my price range.

Gunther, in case you waited for news, has been naughty.  Yesterday I let him out of the backyard to walk him and he ran like a shot around the corner to an abandoned piece of pizza at the end of the block.  He listens to me when nothing else is going on.

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