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I got the boot from Community Day Care

July 18, 2017

Photo on 6-10-16 at 4.39 AM

July 18, 2017

I’ve been reading “The Best American Essays of 2015” and can’t put it down.  I recommend it whole heartedly.  Especially if you are like me (and I don’t mean to be insulting) and have trouble reading an entire book cover to cover.

This morning started at 0615 with my usual confusion as I tried to figure out my dream/waking worlds.  I crept down to Gunther’s kennel and surprised him, for once.  I must boast here.  When we crept out for the morning crapping, I caught the whole works behind him with my gloved hand.  No poop touched the ground!

My confession:  I’ve been removed from the board of directors of Community Day Care and Enrichment!  CDC is a Billings institution dating back to 1969, when First Congregational Church and the Junior League of Billings created it as Billings’ first not-for-profit child care.  My ouster came as a shock, but the board’s chairman said I had outstayed my term of six years, and, therefore, outstayed my welcome.  I admit to feeling a sense of loss, as though part of me has gone, the part that cared about the child care.

Licking my wounded pride (why hadn’t I quit the board, instead of waiting for them to fire me?) I’ve decided to attend my 50th high school graduation reunion.  I confess again.  I mostly want to see what the others look like after this major period.  God I hope they look older than I do, because I’ll feel nearly better after the day care thing.

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