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Less than patriotic this fourth of July

July 4, 2017

Photo on 6-15-17 at 1.21 PM

July 4, 2017

Not feeling terribly patriotic rosy.  Even then, we’ll celebrate with hamburgers and hotdogs and some watermelon.  Oh yes, beer.  I bought a sixer of “Blue Moon Belgian White” Belgian Style Wheat Ale.  For a guy like me who is still looking askance at the Belgian Captain of the S.S. Leopoldville, I seem to be running into Belgia.  I mean Belgium, quite frequently, what with Gunther, my Brussels Griffon, whom most of you know, as I do, as my honey child.

I should let you know about our trip to D.C. this last few days.  We took our granddaughter, Olivia Quinn Struckman, to her home.  This time, Gunther stayed at the Animalodge Dog Resort and Day Care in Laurel.  It is a place to board your dog, but they have dog day camp as well.  I had taken Gunther to day camp several times to get him used to the Animalodge Dog Resort and Day Care.

When I reserved a spot at this premier dog destination for Gunther, the woman asked me if we wanted him to enjoy day camp for a day, or perhaps every other day?  I said I wanted Gunther to attend camp daily.  Hoped he wouldn’t get tired of camp life.  Camp.  A woman at church asked me to consider being a camp counselor at Camp Miminagish, but I have to work.  I still work one day each week, but I take call one week out of three.  These are becoming burdensome, especially when it cuts into my being a camp counselor.

I know Gunther enjoys Animalodge because he invariably smiles broadly when we are reunited. although it’s hard to tell with this beast if he is smiling or snarling, though.  In this last case my dear niece Becky and her son Jack picked up Gunther and brought him home.  I reposted a photograph on Facebook that Becky took of Gunther sitting beside her son.

Anyway, I’m still sore at the Belgian captain of the ship where my uncle died on Christmas eve, 1944.  However, the beer and Gunther pretty much have neutralized my ill feelings.  However, the whole thing about warfare in general have me feeling not terribly patriotic.

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