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Illness and health

February 26, 2017

Gunther in a vest last summer.

I’d been in bed since last night at 8:30 sleeping off and on, gagging and choking on mucus.  I’ve decided that I’ve been sick quite long enough, so I’m dressed and sitting by the fire trying to make sense of the world again.  Wait.  I just remembered we have a fascist President who doesn’t make any sense when he speaks.  Now I’m oriented.  Can’t let the President ruin my day.

I did take Gunther out at 7 each morning, sick as I was.  He seems unfazed, even though he licks my face and ears when he jumps on me.  I hope he stays healthy.  He is moving his bowels regularly, still hammering out code.  This morning it was two longs, one short.  Can’t imagine what kind of message he could be transmitting that he can’t say vocally with barks, yaps, whines and the occasional moaning.

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