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No! In thunder.

October 19, 2016

Photo on 6-10-16 at 4.39 AM

Got a bill for $90 from Barclay Card, for its annual fee.  Whoa, I said.  They said I have until Nov. 9 to pay up.  No! In thunder, I cried.

I didn’t request a Barclay Card account, or the card itself, but they sent one several weeks ago.  I didn’t know it was real!  I nearly threw it away.  I figured it only looked real.

I never dreamed it was real, but you know how you’re supposed to tear up credit card applications?  I thought the card itself would make a dandy scraper to clean my Vitodens boiler for our underfloor heating system, so I scraped off the magnetic stripe and rubbed the card number with a pair of scissors, thinking its activation would be contingent on my application, which I never filled out.  I threw the card in with some tools, so I found it just now.

I don’t want a Barclay Card.  I never wanted one.  I won’t pay their annual fee.  I feel that I’ve been scammed by a huge credit card company.  Why me??

I don’t want a blemish upon my credit report that might make it hard for my children to check me into a nursing home.  Has this happened to anyone else?

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  1. william permalink

    well I have been working on some of these ‘end of days’ dilemmas

  2. That doesn’t sound legit. Can you call them tomorrow and get it figured out?

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