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Door knocking for Denise and Steve

October 3, 2016

unknownP. and I did political canvassing for Steve Bullock and Denise Juneau on the Southside of Billings yesterday.  I said “did political canvassing” because I don’t know many other ways of saying it.  We visited houses on a list, knocked on the door, waited an appropriate time, knocked again, or pushed the doorbell button, then rolled up the two fliers and pushed them into the screen door handle.  One guy came out after I had put the literature into his screen door handle, reached around, pulled them out, and tossed them onto his yard all the while making an angry face at us.

Most of the people we met were kind to us, though.  I was impressed that they were mostly passionately in favor of the Democrats.  Several young people said they didn’t vote.  P. said to one that he looked familiar.  Turns out she was his Head Start teacher when he was four.  He got a little flustered, then said he would register to vote “just for you” to her.


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