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Gunther, the griffon

September 11, 2016


Saturday, September 10, 2016

I learned a bit more about Gunther, a kind of “rat terrier.” In New York, a group called R.A.T.S. is composed of rat terriers and their owners and they, well, hunt rats for fun.  The street wisdom in New York is that everyone is always within 30 feet of a rat.  Despite their ubiquity, rats are secretive and hunt in the early mornings and evenings for, well, shit that people leave behind.

Back to the rat terriers.  Like Gunther.  I think I mentioned before that he is a kind of Brussels street dog that has historically hunted rats.  It’s in his genes.  I imagine the beautiful name “griffon,” that rhymes with chiffon, means “eager killer of rats.”

I hasten to add that, despite his heritage as an eager killer of rats, Gunther is still an emotional support dog for me.  I continue to be profoundly depressed, but under control, thanks to the psychiatrist’s art.  And thanks to the unconditional love of me, and of rats, by Gunther.

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