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Letter dated September 19, 1944

September 7, 2016

Carl (Bud) Bonde, Jr. went missing December 24, 1944 when his troopship was sunk by a U-boat torpedo.

Dear Dan,

I have this letter from your grandpa and grandma Bonde that was written by Aunt Anna Mosher (Bonde).  She and daughter Corinne had seen Carl Junior at the depot and wrote to his folks about the incident.

Mike Judd said that you might like a copy of the letter so here it is.  I’m not sure why I have a copy of the letter — perhaps from Corinne Ackley — It’s a mystery.

Anyway, enjoy it and add it to your info on Bud.

I hope you are feeling better!


Helen M. [Lodmill (Bonde)]

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Sept. 19 – 1944

Dear Brother Carl and Sister Ellen,

I have been home all week, since I returned from Minn.  We met Carl Jr. at the Union Depot — as of course you know by now.  We all enjoyed seeing him, and thot he was a very nice clean cut looking fellow.

As you know Corinne picked him out among the many.  We had intended to have him paged.

I spent 2 days out at Oscar’s and a few days in Faribo with Harold and his wife.  Also met a lot of friends I have there.  Oscar is better and looks good.  Earl drives the school bus from Nerstrand to Faribo.  He will be 20 in Feb.  Bob is going to drive the bus after he becomes 18 in Nov.

Alice started nurse’s training the week I left there and Harold is a freshman at the Faribo High School.  Bob a senior.

We were over to see Malla Haugen and Carrin lives with them.  They are renting a house in Nerstrand.  Carrin’s husband has been dead.  P. Burg still has a store and Muckle runs the restaurant.  Remember he married a Heggeled girl.  The post Office is where the Mosing Photography was run Mr. Fenner.

I am sorry I have been so slow in answering your letter.  I was gone from home 3 weeks and there is always plenty to do when I get back.

We would like to think that next summer war will be over and you and Ellen come up this way.  Then you could see us all.

I have lots of letters to write.  So will write more next time.

With Love to you both

Anna and Cha’s

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