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Lame fable about a squirrel

August 24, 2016

Squirrel. Something like the one 1n this fable.

Once a squirrel, thinking he saw a nut across the street, ran in front of a speeding car.  The car narrowly missed the squirrel, but hit his tail, snapping it off short.

“Oh boo hoo,” cried the squirrel.  “Now I cannot run with my brothers and sisters on the high wires behind the houses without losing my balance.”

The squirrel did succeed, however, in getting across the street, grabbing the nut, and eating it.

He ate it while dabbing at his tears with one paw.

While the squirrel was eating the nut, shedding tears of self-pity, a hungry dog named Luke sneaked up and — “gulp.” He ate the squirrel in one snap of his hungry jaws.

At least the squirrel didn’t have to worry about falling off the high wire any more.

Moral:  In every cloudy day is a ray of golden sunshine.

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