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The Fyne Lyne

July 23, 2016

hand tinted print of MissouriLead guitar Steve Elwood of the 1966 Dillon, Montana, rock band, “Fyne Lyne.”  Here’s what I remember or, rather, what Steve himself told me the last couple days:

The other players were George Miller, Johnny Walker, and David Lenhart, so they had bass guitar, drums, keyboard, and rhythm guitar.  Their manager, to whom they owed much of their economic success, was a radio guy named Don.

Eventually, the band graduated from high school, split up, went their separate ways.

I have other photographs I’ll contribute later.

David Lenhart belonged to the Musician’s Union, as did the others, I hope.

Steve Elwood of Fyne Lyne

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  1. Steven Elwood permalink

    Whoa! Tis I!

  2. Actually, I joined the Navy and was sent to Vietnam. My last year of Naval service was in Bremerton, WA where I performed two-hour sets, solo, in a club there on Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks to Three Dog Niight for the material.

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