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Photographs of Carl Bonde as a soldier

July 14, 2016


Carl is front left in this toned photograph.  Their left shoulder insignia appears to be a pair of wings, possibly from the A.S.T.P. period when Carl attended the University of North Dakota as part of the Army Specialized Training Program.  After several months the program was abruptly terminated and all of the students were given the rank of private and sent to infantry units.  Carl went to the 66th Panther Infantry Division in the deep south.  He and 763 other soldiers were ultimately killed by a Nazi torpedo within a few miles of Cherbourg, France, Christmas Eve, 1944.


Looks like Carl and his friend were getting into being soldiers.  Again, this appears to have been taken during the winter of 1942 in Grand Forks, North Dakota at UND.


I don’t know who is standing to Carl’s right in this photograph.  I can’t even tell where it was taken, or by whom.


Carl is home on leave in this photograph taken at his home in Kalispell, Montana.  His dog Prince was evidently happy to see him.  That this photo was well loved is evident by the wear and tear.

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