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Descendants of Eric Bloodaxe, son of the Fair-Haired

July 11, 2016


  Grandpa Carl Tosten Bonde.  By 1957 the fierceness had been bred out.

Reading the genealogy material, I lingered over the names of some of my purported Norwegian ancestors:  Erik, king of Hordaland; Halfdan the Black Gudrodarson, King Harald Harfagre the Fair-haired; Eric Bloodaxe and Haakon the Good, who ruled side-by-side after Harald’s death; Paal Eiricksen; Berit Olsdotter Egge; Thorstein Eysteinsson; Einar Halverson Groven; Carl Tosten Bonde; Ellen Wichstrom, Helen Bonde, Dan Struckman.

Should be noted that Harald Harfagre the fair-haired spawned twenty children and an entire dynasty in Norway starting about 900 A.D.  In other words, practically the whole country.  You can do that if you are a fecund king with a half-dozen wives.

Harald the fair-haired king searched out and killed the last of the Vikings who tried to hide in places like Scotland and the Shetland Islands.  I assume he dispatched them himself or gave them to his son Eric Bloodaxe, tyrant-in-training.  I don’t know what role Haakon the Good played.  Perhaps he was good at killing Vikings.

My own name, Struck Man, seems to almost fit with the rest of my lineage.

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