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French website is dedicated to Carl Ralph Bonde, Junior.

July 6, 2016
Sgt. Irvin Weaver and Carl Bonde

My Uncle’s friend, Bill Moomey, was delighted to see this photo of his platoon sergeant, Irvin Weaver, of the weapons platoon, Company E, 262nd Infantry Regiment, and his friend Carl Bonde.

Curious to see what the French person had written, translated from English to French, then back to English, I copied the website:

Interesting to see what was included:  bits of family history and lore that I had included in some of the 437 posts I’ve written in my blog,

Also interesting to note things omitted:  most importantly the bibliography and other items published about the sinking of the Leopoldville.  Granted, none of the five books, notably “A Night Before Christmas” by Joaquin Sanders and “The Leopoldville Disaster,” by Allan Andrade, mentioned Carl’s name, but a book of photographs, published just a few years ago by Allan Andrade, did.


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