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A translation from English to French and back.

July 4, 2016
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Dan Struckman

The French are rightfully proud of their fine language, and I was gratified to find a website that borrowed some of my language, translated from English to French, then back to English again.  Here it follows, exactly as duplicated below:


Chapter two

I felt like I Had gone backward in time as I searched for Carl R. Bonde Jr.’s name on the Internet. I Had done this every month or so with no success ounce est devenu the Internet available. I Had hope and, finally, a map for Systematically searching for Bud.

Was my scheme to find the name of Any US That ship sank on Christmas 1944 And Then follow Any leads. I found a website listed That ships lost in WW II along with time lost and disposal. Perhaps I got 30 pages with 40 ships per page. I Looked and Looked for Several hours. Most of the ships Were Small, more like boats.

Then we hunch I typed Uncle Bud’s name in the search engine box and lo! A History Channel website cam Up That featured the SS Leopoldville. My first reaction Was disappointment! Then I felt skepticism. Reviews This was simply too easy. I Was Convinced When I found Bud’s name Among Those lost.

I ordered the History Channel videotape That featured the Leopoldville for $ 49.95 And Then returned to the HC website and Followed a link to a lot of blog That HAD beens dormant For Many months in qui callous strangers Questioned why anyone Would care about a ship That Was sunk 60 years ago. They wrote words really ugly and cynical, at least aim They Agreed That ship was sunk in 1944 HAD no relevance to ’em. Of course I felt hurt. For a while I thought my search HAD come to an end. Unkind people wrote que la SS Leopoldville No. along mattered. I felt discouraged.

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