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I got lost while on vacation

July 2, 2016

July 2, 2016

Had two weeks of getting lost in Rochester, Minnesota, getting lost in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and lastly, getting lost near Medora, North Dakota.  Yes.  That’s my main impression of our vacation.  And much, much more.  Yes.  I got on a horse without help.  Well, help from the wrangler getting my feet into the stirrups.  Well, she held the horse while I got on.  And explained how to operate the horse.  To stop, go, steer.

Our grandchildren did not get lost.  Also, they were not inconvenienced getting on a horse.  In fact, some of them performed in an actual circus.

Circus Juventas in Saint Paul is an actual circus camp for pre-adolescents.  The way the kids dressed, I just now figured out why they take only younger kids.  At the completion of the camp week they put on a show.  The kids juggle, swing from ropes, climb ropes, balance.  All to the constant applause of their families.  I applauded, alone sometimes.

We played with our grandchildren.  Cards with Beatrice and George.  I never did get the drift of the card game, seven-card “grandpa always loses.”  Gunther chased the others back and forth across the back yard.  Some of them begged to walk G. on his daily poop bombing runs.  On his sorties.  Did you know that “sortie” means exit in French?  It means “atorvastatin” in English.  That is, one of the trade names for generic atorvastatin is Sortie, a prescription cholesterol pill.

Todd’s boys have an abnorm20160514_102520al ability to run, bicycle, play soccer.  We played some four-card “spoons” with them.  Loser had to perform five reps of an exercise of his choice.  I lost only once.  I performed high knee lifts that the boys said were almost like an exercise.  The boys did push-ups with their feet on a picnic bench.

Then “Lightning” and “Thunderbolt,” rode their bikes around the circuit of campsites as I hollered out a commentary, like at a horse race.  You get the picture.

Gunther and the boys picked up deer ticks that we later picked off.

Yes, and I have it all on digital photographs that I have been forbidden to publish, mostly

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