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The bell tolls for us all.

June 14, 2016

$15 Hiawatha theft-proof bike.

June 14, 2016

Eventful day.  Yes, the morning routine with coffee, clothing, medicines, Gunther, walking, pooping.  Addicted to Facebook, I opened the laptop.  Was invited to attend a bell-ringing at church.

So I mounted the old bicycle, my theft-proof Hiawatha girl’s bike, to attend the LGBT solidarity ringing of bell at the UCC Church of the Fervently Religious.  A homosexual couple from our church and their child were also there.

I knew they had been Catholic because they recited a Hail Mary after the tolling was finished.  One of them told me how grateful she felt that they had found a church that accepted them.  I echoed that sentiment.

Then it was off to the credit union for a new debit card and home to dog and writing.

The anti-theft $15 bicycle.

The bike originally cost $15 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  My nephew greased up the wheel bearings and crank bearings so that I could pedal it.  I bought a seat post clamp with nut and bolt for $2 because the bike didn’t have one when I bought it.  I replaced the tires and tubes:  $30, maybe.  Then I paid a guy to add goop and other stuff to the wheels to make the tires essentially flat-proof.  $50.  Comes to almost $100.  I found the rear carrying rack in our garage and bought a good bike helmet.  Oh yes, I bought a tail light for about $10.

So I haven’t been locking my bike because I want to get another junker if the Hiawatha is stolen.

Once, someone did take it a short distance, but dumped it on the ground, maybe 100 feet from where I had left it.  The front fender was loose, so I added a screw to hold it.

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