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It’s a dado, daddy-o.

June 11, 2016

Dado blades

Let myself into the NOVA theater to see if my new dado saw blade kit would work on the shop table saw.  Well, I suppose it could, but the shop’s saw doesn’t have the proper safety accessories.  I quickly abandoned the notion.

I’m thinking the shop compound miter saw might be a better bet for such a setup.  If we want longer slots cut than that I’ll use a router and a straight edge.  However, I didn’t put the miter saw to the test either, not today.

Anyway, I encountered a friend who advised me to try the dado business at home first, so I tried it on my son-in-law’s table saw.  Worked well.  I mean I set the two outside blades and ran a quarter inch slot, clean and straight.  Then I added an eighth inch at a time for three chippers.  I could add a bunch of shims and cut a slot up to 3/4 inch or a bit wider.  Perhaps an inch or two deep, but I’d have to make multiple passes.

Dados are useful, but the paraphernalia adds to the danger of an already dangerous tool.  I made sure to wear eye protection and to unplug the saw when fiddling with the blades and chippers.

If I remember my physics 101, adding mass to the spinning blade increases the inertial energy.  I’d hate to be standing in front of a two x four if the dado setup kicked the board back at me.  I might have to visit the ER if I wasn’t killed outright.

Where’s Gunther, you ask?  Oh, he’s in the back yard playing with an empty ketchup bottle.  I’ll let him into the house pretty soon before it gets very hot back there.

Have another cup of coffee?  Don’t mind if I do.  Don’t mind if I do.

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