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Writing group at Odonnell Lane

June 7, 2016

Photo on 1-14-16 at 2.34 PM

We did writing group last night at the beautiful home of Allyn and Eric, way west of town near 64th Street.  Eric made rice and a savory sauce with tender chunks of beef.  Also chutney and some other sauces.  I had two helpings.  The rice at the bottom of the pot has a special name, which I cannot remember.  Anyone?

Writing group has evolved into therapy, into friendship, into holding together.  We included a new man, Jael’s partner Gerald, a distinguished guy my age from Sioux country.  Not just “from…” but right in the heart of …..  He is a lovely, big man, and I think we are all taken with him.

I feel taxed from the day of pharmacy yesterday, then the nearly four hours of writing group.

We eat leisurely, we critique each other liberally.  The whole thing takes a long time.  Last night we sat in comfortable seats and it took four hours.

Now I understand why Russell Rowland has us sit in hard chairs at the dining room table.

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