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Happy M. day.

May 7, 2016

Plush toy.

Happy mother’s day!  This morning the air was mild, seemed cleaner than yesterday, what with the smoke from Canada where the tar sands are burning.  I took Gunther out just now for our morning jaunt.  We walked to the end of the block, round the end, then after he pooped, returned via the alley.  I love the alley.  You get a look at the underbelly, the intimate side of houses and the back fences.  Everyone has one on our block, so I consider taking down mine.  Well, that wouldn’t work to contain Gunther.

We see more and more rabbits.  That means mother rabbits are giving birth to pups.  Is that what baby rabbits are called?  Of course I restrain Gunther.  He is such a dog!  His back legs go into automatic pump when he sees a rabbit or even a bird.

After we had come around to the final stretch, G. again pulled mightily on his leash.  I unsnapped his leash, removed his — I call it a bra — harness and away he shot.  After what?  I don’t know, but he ran behind the Christiansen’s house.  I walked on home alone, wondering if G. would catch me.  I gave a whistle, but I saw no dog.

Then just as I mounted the back steps, ‘jingle jingle’ of his tags and G. was in the house with me.  Of course I praised him.

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