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Name that book store. Or not.

April 9, 2016


April 9, 2016  Another ranting derived from the Birth of the Bookstore in Billings.

The loft above the Good Earth Market had a bunch literary types:  editors, authors, readers, some lawyers.  Guys with hairy faces.  A man with a didgerydoo, a day pack and some other unknown object walked through a couple times.  Gave my mood a boost.  Wow, that other guy has the best Van Dyke beard and mustache I’ve ever seen.

We worked through the by-laws that form the bookstore co-operative.  Note:  I use the hyphen to avoid the chicken coop image.  Troubling in a bookstore because of feathers, dust, and of course those little mites that can infect chickens and other poultry.

I’d name the venture: “Poetry not Poultry.”  Oh, and Carrie LaSeur announced a naming contest for the bookstore.

My other entry:  “Buy a  Book.”  Nah.  It’s got to look good on the invoice.  “Billings Feminist Bookstore.”  No.  Not accurate.  “Bookstore.”  “Women and Women First.”  Stolen from Portlandia.  “Liberal Books.”  Hmm might get a brick through the window.  “Politics and Enough Fun.”  Something like that.  No use baiting people who watch Fox News.  “Queer Books” has an edgy feel.  How about “Gaily Read.”  “Lesbian Lit, the Straight Shit.”  I guess one doesn’t want what might be construed as a naughty word in the name.  Like “Fuck Books and Cowboy Stories.”  Hmm leaves out too much.  “All books.”  Says a lot.

I bought eleven shares of stock.  “Books” is the plainest name.  “I Like Books so Fucking Much I can’t Shit.” has an R rating.  “Selected Books.” is pure and honest sounding.  I don’t want to try for a long name.  People won’t bother reading it.  Clever names:  “Bite Me Books.”  “Mind Meat.”  “Veggies Growing,” has a great feeling.  “Home Grown Bookstore.”  “Bathtub Companion.”  “Read a book, Take a nap.”  “Read a book, Take a crap.”  I always liked “Secret Hippie Stuff.”

I’m out of ideas.

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  1. Thanks for that, Gary. We appreciated your participation in working the kinks out of the founding document. Nice beard, by the way. And nice hat. We had the information on Carrie, Precious, and Nina, but Struckman was too lazy to look them up at 2:45 a.

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